Radio Promotions

Clacton Radio’s aim is to provide your company with a means to advertise your products to an ever expanding digital audience, which makes it a compelling reason to make it part of your advertising campaign.

We custom make our adverts to add a little flair to each of our client's objectives.

Our approach to airtime, sponsorship or promotions is imaginative and creative while still adding a bit of fun.  Our aim is to deliver maximum impact from every campaign while engaging the public with your products.

As a local station, we can make local decisions swiftly.

Clacton Radio’s rates and packages are attractive, and coupled with clever scheduling with high quality production, they are hard to resist at such a low cost.

If you think Clacton Radio could hit the mark for you, please feel free to contact us.

Clacton Radio promotions are a major factor in the success of local radio - and we mean Local.

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